Usefull watch tipps

How Does my watch? Accuracy, chronograph


Use of your watch

Manual winding is necessary on a mechanical watch (hand wind or automatic)!

Prior to the first use or after long time of sitting in the watchbox, a simple swirl is not enough to wind up the watch properly.
To do so, you should wind it up.

This happens at the crown area. Unscrew it and wind it.. 30 - 40 spins are usually said to be enough.

Often you may hear that you can overwind the mainspring on automatic watches. This is untrue as the mainspring is secured by a friction clutch.
On watches with a hand wind movement, you shall only wind it as long as you can spin it. Once you feel a resistance while spinning, you should stop.

For setting the time and the date, please bring your crown to the first position. To do so, please pull out the crown until you notice a slight resistance.

This position mostly is the correct one for setting the date. Set the date to the last date (ie. today 14 -> 13)

You can set the time by pulling out the crown into the next position, again you will feel a resistance.
Now rotate the time until 12 am. You will see the date changing into the correct date of todays day. Once this has happened you can set the time to your likings.

On mechanical watches it is highly advised not to change the date between 9:00 pm and 3:00 am,

due to changing within this time the movement can be damaged because it has started the date change mechanism already.

Never set back the hands more than 12:00 pm counter clock wise! With this manual operation, your movement gets damaged!


You can influence the accuracy of your mechanical watch up until a certain point.

If you lay off the watch, you can do this in several positions.

Crown pointed upwards means the watch is running slower since the balance wheel is in a hanging position and the resistance is bigger than normally.

Dial down means, the watch is running faster since the least friction occurs in this position.

Inspect the accuracy and try the different positions (also dial up and crown down)
Please keep in mind that you own a mechanical watch, where the rate variation has a tolerance which is set within 60 seconds a week!

We highly advise the usage of a watch winder, especially if you are in the lucky situation to own multiple watches.

Chronograph function

Top pusher = Start and stop
Bottom pusher = Reset

Resetting the already measured time frame should only be done after stopping the current measurement. Both pushers should NOT be pushed simultaneously, this can cause damages within the chronograph function.

Now we wish you all the best and enjoy your watch,


your HQ-Watches Team