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It is a commonly used statement that if you look after your most treasured pieces, they will last a lifetime.
When it comes to a precisely built watch, that is certainly true.

We are able to offer our customers an extensive range of services.

Be it replacing a worn out strap or repairing a damaged watch? - We kindly take the work for you.

This is one of the reasons various watch collectors from around the world have trusted us to care for and work on their precious timepieces.


What We Offer


Mechanical watches are built together with hundreds of tiny parts that are in constant motion.
Thus, they are prone to have parts that wear and tear. With regular care of those parts, your timepiece will keep working for years and years.

We highly recommend servicing a watch every three to five years, even if it still is in perfectly working order.
Reason for that is the lubricants that are used to prevent friction and possible damage to fragile inner parts of the watch breaks with the time and needs to be replaced.

Also, we all know that no matter how careful you treat your watches, accidents can always happen..
Fortunately, there are only a very small amount of repair services our specialised watchmakers can´t do.

Some repair services are a little time consuming, we will always provide an estimated date of finishing for you.

When servicing a mechanical watch, our watchmakers perform a highly exhaustive number of checks to make sure your watch gets returned to you in perfect condition.

1. Check the case, bracelet and strap for hefty signs of use
2. Remove the bracelet, open the case and remove the stem, crown, seals and lastly the movement.
3. Reset the stem and crown to check the winding mechanism
4. Examine the functionality of the hands, calendar functions, power reserve etc.
5. Inspect and adjust the escapement
6. Full disassembly of the watch case and movement and inspect it
7. Replace worn or damage parts
8. Clean all other parts in special chemical baths using automatic cleaning machines
9. Reassembly of the movement, checking and doing fine adjustments on par with the brand specifications
10. Lubricate the movement by using 4/5 fine oils and greases, and check the escapement again
11. De-magnetise, regulate and inspect the timing of the movement on par with brand standards using special Swiss-Made equipment
12.Refit the dial, hands and clean the case and bracelet using ultrasonic technology
13. Replace case seals if necessary and refit the movement to the case
14. Double check timekeeping, if needed, adjust again using Swiss-Made equipment

Once we have completed those steps, we test the watch on a wrist simulator for a time frame between three and five hours to ensure the automatic winding system is running smooth.
After that the power reserve of the watch is tested statically for 24 hours on every angle with checking of the rate until the power has run down in "dial up" position.

This final inspection happens before we ship the return the watch to you.

Every watch has a different story, so every watch will have different requirements that need to be done to it.
That´s the reason, why we accept any watch. No matter how old, used it is. Regardless of brand or type, we will do everything to restore it as good as possible.

Certain watches / parts may have to be returned to the manufacturers to provide a repair or replacement, whilst others will be able to get managed by ourselves.

If you have a refurbishment or restoration inquiry you would like to discuss with us, please contact us using the contact form.

It´s a known fact, that over certain time a water resistant watch will loose its resistance and rating.
Especially if it is regularly facing contact with water.

Don´t forget to have your watch tested and re-waterproofed whilst it is at ours so it remains on par with the manufacturers recommendations.

Give your timepiece a facelift by upgrading the strap either as a replacement for the old or as an alternative way to match with your outfit or the occasion.

We work with a special leather goods artist in Ibiza who makes very unique and beautiful watch straps.

Let us know if you are interested

Your watch doesn´t glow in the dark anymore? This most likely means it is time for a relume!

Be it vintage or modern watch, we can relume any watch and use the lume color and material that matches best.

We only use special Swiss-Made lume pigments, which is only the best of the best, of course.

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