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First things first

1. Download the form about sending in your watch

Download form

2. Print and fill out the form and add it to your package

3. Ship the package to 

Dirk Meyer
Henri - Dunant Str. 51
51107 Köln
Deutschland / Germany

4. Please make sure to pack your watch safely, always use reliable shipping couriers with tracked and insured service.

For security reasons

Please do not address your package to our company name.
Please keep the costs for shipping back and forth and paypal fees etc. in mind.
If you plan on sending us a watch from outside the European Union, please keep in mind that it is very important, to do so via triangular shipping. (forward via UK)
We can arrange triangle shipping for you if you don´t have access to a forwarder or forwarding service, let us know if you need further informations.  

General fees & shipping costs

  £ 23,00    Triangle Shipping via UK (EUR price may vary depending on currency situation)
    5,00 €    Shipping within Germany
  10,00 €    Shipping within the EU up to   500g
  15,00 €    Shipping within the EU up to 1000g

Contact us for world wide shipping prices, they vary depending on the destination country.

          2 %   PayPal fee within german account holders
          4 %   PayPal fee within european account holders

Contact us for PayPal fee placing if you are an account holder from outside the European Union.

We cooperate with different couriers for safe and reliable shipping to any place in the world.

Common Queries and Questions

If you want to send us your watch and/or parts, please add a letter to the package with the following details. (Name, Address, Screenname (Forum), Desired work) This way it´s easier for us to sort and work on your watch.
You can find most of our prices in the "Pricelist" tab. For some individual work, we can only quote you a price once it has been inspected by one of our watchmakers. If your desired modification is not listed, make sure to contact us!
Whilst you can pay us once the work on your watch is done, you have to pay the parts you want in advance. Once the work on your watch is done, we will contact you and give you the exact price and the remaining payment instructions.
We accept a certain variety of payment methods. You can either pay via bank transfer (bank wire) or via PayPal (PP fees are on you)
After the payment has been received, we will ship out your package immediately. If the payment hits our accounts after 4:00 pm CET, it will get shipped the next day.
We at HQ-Watches are working with different german courier services. All packages that leave HQ-Watches will be tracked and insured. The insurance of the packages will be at the standard amount of the courier. If you wish to insure your package differently, please contact us and we can arrange it.
With every build we present here, you will find out what HQ-Watches stands for.

About HQ-Watches

HQ-Watches is an upcoming company of talented watchmakers with focus on expensive and special watches.

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