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Full Teardown Service of an Rolex3135 Movement

Here we see a brief overview of an Rolex3135 Movement Service.
We get the Movement in from a customer who wanted only revised the Movement and not the complete Watch.
The Movement had absolut no function anymore.

First we Disassemble the Movement Fully

At the Disassemble we found everywhere some little Glass parts or anything like that.

We also see some broken Parts that must be changed.

At a closer look at the parts through the microscope, we see the broken parts clearly.

These must be exchanged with new Rolex Spare Parts.

And go on with Disassemble.

And now we come to the Backside of the Movement.

And Disassemble the Rotor mechanism

Remove of the Balance complete with bridge

The Balance

And go on with the Disassemble

Remove of the train wheels

Movement is close to be complete Disassembed

Here we see some of the Glass Parts that was everywhere in the Movement

Now Disassemble the rest.

Here we see the broken Sliding Pinion

Build back the Balance and ready for Cleaning

Some time later, we have a lot of parts which must be cleaned.

Then we do the same procedure backward.

All parts are checked and replaced if necessary.

Lubricate the movement if using 4/5 fine oils and greases, and double check the escapement.


Here are some pics from assembling

Installation of the mainspring

Installation of the rest Cleaned Parts

Installation of the Train Gears

Installation of the Bridges

And the Keyless Parts

The Calendar Parts

Install the Heart of the Movement the Main Balance

Install the DateWheel Plate

After the Reassemble the Movement will be tested how the Timing is.


And then the Movement will be Regulated



These are just a few examples

A collection of variations and builds we had done the last months.
New builds will be added from time to time. Maybe you will find your modification here soon, too!
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