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Here we see an AP TachyRing, Hands and DateWheel Modification

Here we see an Project for an Customer that want

Modified TachyRing and Hands.

The Watch got also an ETA DateWheel added for an much Bigger Font.

The Canon Pin is now much more visible.

At an closer look we see that the TachyRing was shaped smaller

from 2 till 4 around.

The added ETA DateWheel gives thes Watch an much bigger

Magnifier look at the Date.

The inner Ring was Repainted white.

And an Comparision btw the Modded Watch left (Navy) and the Watch right (Bumble Bee) Standart.

We can clearly see that the Date Window hole looks much more left now at the

Modified Watch. Also the DateWheel looks much bigger.

These are just a few examples

A collection of variations and builds we had done the last months.
New builds will be added from time to time. Maybe you will find your modification here soon, too!
Do You Have a Watch thats needs to be modified? Then send us your watch today!

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