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Many People ask´d what´s the Reshape and Repolish Work by SWISS Machines. Here you can find it out with lots of detailed pictures.


Professional SWISS Machine Reshape to GEN RLX Specs

Here we see Pics how the Watch came in.

This Watch had an nice History!

It has really saw the 7 Big Seas of the World and so the Watch has looked like.

It was a lot of Work

To get her sweet and nice again.

The Big Dents was Laser up by us, because we didn´t want to shape too much

Material off the Watch.

Then we did the Lapping Work with the SWISS Machines.

After a few Hours of Hard Work

It looks like these.

And another Exsample how an Watch can look like after an Rework.

And here we see another few Exsamples of an

GEN RLX 116710 Bracelet that looks like as it was Complete Polished.

The Bracelet was wiped with Cape Code. Our Tip!

Don´t use Cape Code Clothes at Brushed Parts, it will make the Parts look like the Bracelet.

Then we have an RLX Aftermarket Bracelet and Case.

Both have an totally wrong Brushing and the Case Lugs have no Bevel.

And here are the Pics After the Rework

We can see clearly at the Case the nice and even Bevels like the GEN RLX have

Here we see the chamfer of an unpolished GEN RLX 16710 and the Reshaped Aftermarket Case

The Lines are exactley the same.

Also the Aftermaket Bracelet have now the right chamfer Lines.

And the GEN RLX 116710 Bracelet again

And Case again

These are just a few examples

A collection of variations and builds we had done the last months.
New builds will be added from time to time. Maybe you will find your modification here soon, too!
Do You Have a Watch thats needs to be modified? Then send us your watch today!

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